Baby loss charities often provide memory boxes for parents to create as many memories as possible in the short time they have, before saying goodbye. These Memory Boxes are precious and can help so much when leaving the hospital empty handed.

The Heart in their Hand project is a pay it forward project for bereaved parents to help other bereaved parents by offering a gift of love at such a devastating time and works beautifully alongside precious memory boxes. The keepsake heart can be placed in the baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye and the keyring is taken home as a beautiful reminder of the connection shared.

If you are a charity that provides memory boxes or packs for parents and would like to consider including our ‘Heart in Their Hand’ gifts then we’d love to hear from you.

We can offer a special charity discount for 20 or more hearts and we can add your logo to the back of the cards and include a message saying

‘Donated with love by …. “

Example of Durham & Wearside Sands Gifts

You can choose your colour ribbon and contact details can be added to personalise the gifts to your charity.

If you would like a free sample created for you to show your committee/organisation before ordering or if you have any other questions then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

We have various designs available including baby feet, butterfly hearts for smaller babies, twin butterflies, siblings keyring’s and a 3 piece family set.

For a list of hospitals we provide to through charities, click here


Some of the baby loss charities we are currently working with are:



We have started to work closely with a number of children’s charities and organisations to support families that lose a child between 0 – 18yrs old.

We have a number of designs including heart, butterfly, star and dandelion as an alternative to older children and the baby feet design. The card can be designed specifically for your organisation and wording can read to place in a child’s hand rather than baby, or similar.

Please see examples below and if you would like to enquire about creating a design especially for you then I’d love to hear from you.


Adult Loss

We can also design our cards for charities that support families of ‘adult loss’, whether this is through a bereavement service, Intensive Care Unit, A&E or similar.

An example of a design is below.