If you are having your baby, loved one or beloved pet cremated then we offer a range of cremation pendants to help your loved one feel close.

It can be a great comfort to be able to have some of their ashes close by.

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If families choose to have their baby, loved one or pet cremated, they can decide whether the little heart is cremated with them, or reunited with the ashes after cremation.

Baby Cremation

The ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) have informed me that families can request that the little metal heart remain with their baby’s ashes as part of the arrangements made with the funeral directors, following the baby’s cremation. This request would need to be clearly written on the crematorium application form relating to the decisions regarding ashes, by the funeral director as they go through the form with the family.

Families may alternatively choose to keep the little heart and reunite it with their baby’s ashes following the cremation.